Chocolate Bars

Cannabis-Infused Chocolate


Chocolate Bites

Cannabis-Infused Chocolate

Receive Comfort from your Chocolate

Cocoa Meds Benefits

Chocolate Science

Purified raw cannabinoids are first collected via a solventless process and then unique terpene blends are added to create the different final products.

Ideal Pairing

Chocolate and Cannabis can affect appetite, mood and pain perception causing possible therapeutic effects.

Eating Infused Chocolate

Chocolate edibles maybe a source of nausea-reducing remedy, and perhaps a vital source of essential nutrients and calories.

The Ultimate Edible

The THC and CBD take longer to break down and digest allowing them to stay in your system longer and possibly enhance benefits.

Chocolate Edibles Endure

Cannabis-infused chocolate has potential soothing effects that can last longer than smoking or dabbing.

Preferred Medicating Method

Eating infused products can bebalm a healthier alternative to inhaling cannabis smoke because there is no exposure to carbon, tar and carcinogen.

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