How do find my dose?

Dosing with Cocoa Meds

Many medical professionals agree that a standard unit to measure is 10 mg of THC. This is a safe place to start.
Our bites have 70 mg and the bars have 280 mg so there is plenty of Cocoa Meds to go around if you’re starting. Our recommendation is that you consume on a full stomach and with no alcohol.

Gastrointestinal Uptake

Integrate Cannabis into your Wellness Plan

The most common edibles are geared towards gastrointestinal absorption. Any edible where the cannabinoids are absorbed through the stomach falls into this category. These edibles tend to take longer to activate within the body (sometimes as long as two hours), but produce a longer-lasting effect (up to eight hours of relief).

Your Perfect Dosage

New Patients Note

First-time medical marijuana patients typically start with a low dose of 10-15mg.
Although this maybe true, you should determine your dosage for yourself. Go slow, you have time to learn how much to take.
Experiment with the ratio of Cocoa Meds in what dosage yields the maximum therapeutic effect for you specific ailment/health condition.

All Patients

First-time: 10-15 mg
Medium Tolerance: 15-25 mg
High Tolerance: 25-70 mg