One of the most frequent questions we get at Cocoa Meds is how much of your chocolate is a dose or how much should I take? This is a great question, especially when you are first starting out, and the answer is that it’s complicated. For starters, cannabis is used to treat a staggering number of conditions, each with a different ideal dose to manage symptoms. Then, you have to consider that we all have different metabolisms and that your body is likely to be impacted differently by a given amount of cannabinoids than someone else’s . Because of this, it takes a little bit of trial and error to find your optimal dose, or sweet spot for edible cannabis.

Between work, getting enough exercise, family and maintaining a vibrant social circle your life is a constant balancing act! Consistent, dependable cannabinoid content is absolutely crucial to relieve your symptoms and give you an edge in maintaining balance. Because of that, the first step to finding your perfect dose is an edible with a clearly marked and lab tested cannabinoid content like Cocoa Meds chocolates. The importance of this step can’t be overstated as products that aren’t lab tested, like a tray of homemade brownies, are likely to vary widely in potency from one batch to another based on a number of factors. In fact, potency can vary within a batch as the brownies on the edge will reach higher temperatures and can decarboxylate differently than the brownies at the center of the pan. By choosing a reliable product that is lab tested you will be able to accurately gauge how different cannabinoid levels affect you and hone your dose there.

One of our Cocoa Meds Milk chocolate bars contains 280 milligrams of THC, which is  intended to be split into four smaller 70 mg doses. However, if you’re a new patient or just new to edibles we recommend starting by breaking down one of those 70mg doses further into quarters which will give you four doses of roughly 17.5mgs of THC. From here you can use those pieces to find your ideal dose!

Cocoa Meds breakdownFinding Your Dose

Once you’ve split up your chocolate bar, go ahead and set an alarm for two hours from now and eat your first small bite of delicious infused chocolate. The effects of this initial dose will have hit their peak by the time your alarm goes off, when it does perform a check in to see how you feel! Do you notice any pain relief, how is your mood and your thought process? Make sure to note the effects and based on that you can increase or decrease your dosage next time. If you got lucky and the results were just right the first time, great! Now you know you can get sixteen doses out of one Cocoa Meds bar. If you are extremely sensitive to the effects of cannabis and the quarter dose was too much, you can break the pieces down further for even smaller doses.

If you’re looking for a more potent effect go ahead and eat another quarter dose and again set your alarm for two hours out. Since edibles can stay active in your system for 6-8 hours, the first dose should still be in full swing when the second peaks. When you check in this time you will know approximately how 35 mgs of orally ingested THC affects you. Once again, take notes on the mental and physical impact of this dosage. Does it improve your symptoms, boost your mood or increase your sense of well being? If you start to experience any sort of anxiety or paranoia make sure to note that down as well and stay in the 17.5 mg range going forward.

For best results, we recommend pausing the experiment at this point until the next day when cannabinoids have had a chance to clear your system. If yesterday’s doses felt a little light for your needs you should be fine to dive into a full 70 mg serving. Just be sure to check in with how you feel and then use that as reference for future doses. If you’re not sure that you’re ready for that just yet but are still feeling out your dose then chop another section of a bar into quarters and repeat the previous experiment, but with two 35 mg doses instead of the smaller 17.5mg pieces.sweet chocolate spot

Welcome to the sweet spot!

By following this methodology, you will have tried edible cannabis at 17.5 mg, 35 mg and 70 mg doses while taking the time to check in and see how those amounts impact you. With this knowledge you’ll be able to accurately and confidently take just the right dose to manage your symptoms and bring balance to your busy life. Welcome to the sweet spot!



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