Something about blissful chocolate

There are few things as blissful as chocolate; the snap, the crunch, the rich rush of flavor as it melts to silk in your mouth. The compound in chocolate that makes eating it feel so heavenly, anandamide, after ananda the — Sanskrit word for bliss. So maybe that wonderful feeling you get from eating chocolate shouldn’t be a surprise. Interestingly enough, anandamide is a cannabinoid molecule that is structurally very similar to THC, which is why a bowl after work might be the only thing more blissful than that bite of chocolate.

That’s why I think we all instinctively added weed to our brownies back in college, since even on a microscopic scale cannabis and chocolate are made for each other. It’s also why Cocoa Meds have become my favorite way to unwind after a long day. Beyond flavor, there is a myriad of benefits to choosing edibles over smoking and vaping for your medical needs. Benefits that include; control of dosage, convenience and discretion.

Love it or hate it, the smell of marijuana smoke draws attention. Whether that attention is from your straight edge boss who you occasionally bump into at the supermarket, or that weird dude in yoga with all the crystals, attention isn’t always a good thing. Your medicine should be your business and no one else’s and with edibles you can keep it that way. Is there anything more innocent and unassuming than a square of chocolate? You could even eat it at Thanksgiving dinner and your judgmental Aunt Petunia would never know.

    Edibles aren’t just stealthy, they’re convenient.

Whether you’re scrambling around town or posted up to crush deadlines dosing with Cocoa Meds won’t slow you down or interrupt your flow. You don’t have to stop and wonder where you left your lighter, worry about charging anything or the need to be outdoors in order to consume it. There simply isn’t an easier or more convenient way to medicate.

For many people taking the leap into edibles can be nerve racking. When someone offers you a pot brownie you don’t always know what or how much is in it. We’ve all heard horror stories of people who ate too much and ended up way too high. With Cocoa Meds that is not a problem. All Cocoa Meds chocolates are made with cannabis distillate oil, one of the purest forms of THC, providing you with peace of mind that what you’re putting into your body is of the highest quality and of consistent strength.  We test every batch in a lab to guarantee 270 mg of THC in every two ounce bar so you know what cannabinoid content to expect and can dose accordingly. This lab testing actually makes Cocoa Meds far more reliable since you always know how many cannabinoids you’re consuming.

How much is enough?

You can expect the full effects of most edibles to come on fully within two hours of consumption and to stay steady for many more after that. Unlike a joint, Cocoa Meds will stay with you through an entire evening on the town or a night in with Netflix. This allows you to fit an edible seamlessly into your day rather than trying to tailor your schedule around when you’ll be able to slow down enough to smoke.

Next time you swing by the dispensary make sure to pick up one of Cocoa Meds’ delectable offerings so you can free yourself from all the fumes and gadgets and bite into bliss. Currently offered in four enticing varieties; Milk Crunch, Dark Caramel and Sea Salt, Milk and Dark,  Cocoa Meds has an option for every palate.


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