Mocha in the cold

So, it’s almost fall and you are wondering how you’re going to cozy up next to the fireplace and relax. When the weather starts changing it’s when we get sick easily. So having something warm like hot cocoa or a mocha whether you’re on the go or relax at home after work is usually the best idea. Hot beverages increase your body temperature, keep it warm and actually increase your metabolism. They definitely help with the blood flow so that is additional help to medicinal drinks. So let’s talk about how we can upgrade our mocha to the next level! Well, many of our Cocoa Meds fans have expressed their love of the dark chocolate with coffee. So after a weekend in the THC Kitchen, we decided on this Dark chocolate mocha, 32 mg or 70mg depending on your tolerance.

First, we suggest the dark chocolate as it can take higher temps coffee beans cocoa meds

What I do is I put my bit of Cocoa Meds dark in a small pyrex ramekin and place it in a toaster oven for 1-2 minutes. If not, then 10 seconds in the microwave should do the trick!

cocoa meds mochaTip: Don’t heat over 240° F as the medicine is already activated and needs no further decarboxylation


I recommend fresh espresso but this recipe can also work with drip coffee. Once the coffee is ready to pour the hot coffee on top of the melted chocolate, then add a bit of cream or steamed milk. You can get creative with designs. I also ground some of the cocoa into a powder and dusted on top.

Now you know how we make our Cocoa Meds mocha. It is fun, quick and easy! Also, it helps you relax and warms you up in the cozy weather.


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