Many people grow but only a few are chosen.

Growing with Love

To be a great grower is a gift that not everyone has and that’s why not all products are created equally.

That is why we seek those who have the gift and bring them into our family.
They breed and cultivate with love and care to ensure quality flowers each harvest.

Distillation Process

Fractional Distillation

All of our products utilize a highly refined process called fractional distillation.

This process produces one of the highest concentration of cannabinoids in any extract.

Our Process

Lab Testing

All of our products undergo rigourous testing at a 3rd party laboratory.
We mainly thest four different areas.

A full spectrum batch test includes:
Residual Solvents – Our product is solvent-free and we ensure this with lab results.
Mold Fungus
– Cannabis can produce molds like any other food products, we don’t allow this.
Cannabinoid Levels – To ensure consistent dosing every time.